U.B.A Bank

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U.B.A Bank
About U.B.A Bank

Uba bank is very reliable and has been operating for many long years. It is financially stable and open to all types of transactions. 

It has various branches and is well equipped with ATM gallery for your quick withdrawals anytime everyday.. Visit UBA and you will never be disappointed.

Open daily
4pm daily
Mobile banking
Direction / How do I get here?

1.  Okpara avenue Branch : Uba has three branches here. get to okpara avenue .opposite first bank head office is one branch and beside first bank is another. The third branch is opposite union bank near subway beside old secretariate

2. Otigba/ebeano/ogui/New haven branch : Easy to locate just along the road. Just located otigba junction at the beginning of ogui road and Newhaven, ebeano estate is along the road and UBA along the road beside oando filling station and airtel office

3.  Transekulu Branch : located at Nowas junction, UBA is very easy to locate. Just get to transekulu or abakpa then get to nowas.  Don't worry, its very popular. You can't miss road

4. Agbani road/Achara layout : located along agbani road after "nise" towards igbariam/mayor bus stop. UBA is along that road

5. Kenyatta : Kenyatta is also a place to find UBA . you can get to Kenyatta from zik avenue uwani or from achara layout or new layout. Kenyatta had the biggest building materials market in Enugu

6. Ogbete market/ Old park. : it is located inside ogbete main market. Once you enter the main market from holy ghost axis(central gate) just walk in straight. UBA is there at the end if the walk way 

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