Wow: They said he was a witch. Was left to die on the streets but, Take a look at him now

Updated Apr 19 2019 02:04 am

A young boy who was abandoned by his parents and maltreated by his aunt, has been remarkably transformed few months after he was rescued by the Akwa Ibom state government. 

The boy identified as Master Ubong Promise was stigmatized after being accused of witchcraft and abandoned by his immediate family late last year in Ikot Abasi local government area of Akwa Ibom. 

The boy's plight was brought to social media by one Endurance Johnson as it caught the attention of some Akwa Ibom government aides. 

Hon. Peace Ntuk and Hon. Okon Peter, took the baby to the General Hospital in Ikot Abasi, where they paid for his initial treatment and bought clothes for the baby. Thereafter, prominent people in the state were contacted including Mrs. Martha Udom, the Akwa Ibom First Lady who later adopted the child. 

The boy is now in the children's home in Uyo, the state capital, bubbling with life and healthy as he glowed in new images shared online

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