Enugu is the most peaceful state in Nigeria; PSC for more
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Enugu, also known as the "coal city" or "042" is a city in south eastern Nigeria. The major languages spoken are English, Igbo. Pidgin English is also widely understood here as visitors need not fear for language barrier as the people are receptive, humble and accommodative. Willing to teach, help and also learn. A very peaceful city with the lowest crime rate in the whole of Nigeria but also the fastest growing state in terms of foreign direct investment, real estate, recreation, hospitality, sports, tourism, commerce, civil service, transport e.t.c. Our job is to make your life easier as you visit or reside. Are you looking for a quality vacation destination? leisure? A place to reside, retire and spend enjoy your time or money? Enugu will offer you much more. Finding important as well as exciting places and events here and also giving you directions at your convenience is our top priority. No need to ask strangers. Simply check it here. You will find it.. Looking for directions, locations, places, hotspots, sceneries, and description of all major landmarks and iconic places in the coal city.. Your welcome ..

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